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October 17, 2017

Along with PVC, Hypalon is one of the most common materials used to make inflatable boats and folding kayaks. It is also used in roofing materials and as a surface coat material on radomes owing to its radar-transparent quality.


June 13, 2017

A new place to blow your mind

January 16, 2017

Dear All,

We have the pleasure of introducing the latest release by bluesign® approved articles.

Type: Metal Accessories

Quality: Brass

Article: Badges, Buckles, Buttons, Label, Pullers.

Type: Plastic Accessories

Quality: ABS, TPU, TPR

Article: Badges, Buckles, Buttons, Cord...

August 12, 2016

Consumers are getting more and more aware of sustainability issues. They want to know under what conditions their textiles were manufactured. At the same time they do not want to miss out on innovation and functionality. The bluesign® system provides both.

Systematic ap...

August 11, 2016

Welcome to our brand new website.  Today, it will bring you up more Everbest information.  Also, it is an easy way to contact us now, remember to join our mailing list, never miss up any update!  Subscribe now!

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